Cooking. Cooking is my bliss. My safe haven, love language and medicine.

I grew up in a home – a child of European background and the youngest of five where food was the centre of everything.

My parents where tree changers from Sydney in the 80’s to my home state of Tasmania. They were organic and self-sufficient before it was ‘cool’ and taught themselves everything. From growing organic veggies, making our own bread to home grown meat and eggs.

As a kid, it could be a little embarrassing. My friends were always curious about my odd lunches or how we possibly cooked without a microwave (something I still don’t own I might add.)

It wasn’t until my late teens/early twenties that I really came to appreciate my upbringing.


At nineteen I began to feel sick every time I ate. Doctors couldn’t or wouldn’t help. Fobbing me off with ant-acid prescriptions and vaguely asking me about me diet before telling me it’s all in my head.

And so, began my health journey.

I learned what foods made me feel sick – you’ll notice my recipes don’t feature a lot of high fructose foods for this reason. Also, importantly – health is not one aspect of your life, as I learned. It is all inclusive. I learnt to realise what lifestyle factors affect me, stress is a big trigger for me and so learning to minimise this is something I still strive for today. This one’s a tricky one.

This blog, I suppose is a little outlet for me to document this journey and the recipes I create along the way. Just because food is good for you doesn’t mean it should be boring.

The recipes I create and the philosophy I base my life upon come from one simple value – eat everything as close to mother nature intended as possible!! Simple. No fads.

There’ll be treat foods, snacks, just because foods and most importantly of all – the everyday, nourish your family foods. Because, at the end of the day, what greater act of love is there than to provide nourishment and beauty for the ones you love?

My musing section is just that. A section where I muse away about topics I find interesting or frustrating or that I want to discuss.

This blog is a gentle space, a kind space. A space for beauty and inclusion and journeys. It is my story.

So, if you’re gentle of heart and a lover of beauty and of food in the true meaning of the word then you’re welcome to come along.

I hope you enjoy.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates.

Please note – I am in no way a professional nutritional/health expert or medical professional. These are just recipes and stories that work for me personally and are based on my own knowledge and research. Always consult a registered medical professional before making any dietary and lifestyle changes or taking any supplements etc.