First blog post – Accidental Vegan Cake

Accidentally Vegan Chocolate Cake

I made this cake for Mother’s Day along with the Apple Custard Cake (recipe available now) as my sister can’t have eggs and her mother in law is vegan.

It was so good the non-vegan/egg eaters requested some too. This cake doesn’t contain anything odd, no gums or binders. I’m pretty sure everyone has these ingredients at home or can get them at their local.

I like to think of it as accidentally vegan as when you say the word ‘vegan’ it usually makes you feel like it’s lacking or is missing ingredients or not as good as the original. That’s not the case with this one!

I always think it’s nice to have some all-inclusive recipes up my sleeve or at least something that looks and tastes just as good as the ‘regular’ option. I think that’s why I like doing a couple of little cakes for gatherings – both this one and the other cake I made for Mother’s Day are 12.5 cm in diameter. That way they look super cute all displayed together, especially if you make them at different heights. This one has two layers; the apple cake I made had three layers and If you had another dietary requirement you could make a one layered cake for that. It’ll look gorgeous, impressive and no one feels left out or segregated. My sister who is a trained patisserie chef did exactly that for my wedding cake (s).

This one isn’t gluten free but I’m working on another recipe for that.

edited vegan cake in tin

Ganache Ingredients –

75-80gms of 85% chocolate

2.5 tbsp. of coconut oil

2 tbsp. almond milk

Pinch of good quality sea salt

Strawberries or other berries– for decoration.

Cake Ingredients –

½ cup almond milk

½ cup rice malt syrup or sweetener of choice.

¼ cup coconut oil (I used refined so it didn’t have a coconut flavour but regular would work too.)

1/3 cup of cocoa powder

¾ cup of spelt, wholemeal flour or regular un-bleached flour. Preferably organic and stone ground.

¼ cup of almond flour

Pinch of good quality sea salt.

¾ tsp of cream of tartar

1/3 tsp of bicard soda

Mix the flours, bicarb, cream of tartar, salt and cocoa powder in a bowl.

Melt on a low heat the rice malt and coconut oil in a pot.

Mix the flours and melted coconut oil mixture together and add in the milk and whisk until just combined.

Divide the batter into fully lined 12.5 cm cake tins or if you have one tin – bake one at a time. You can use a bigger tin but the cooking time will be different.

Bake at 170 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.

While the cakes are cooling, prepare your ganache and cut up the strawberries.

Mix all the ganache ingredients in a pot and heat until melted. Let sit while you cut up your strawberries.

I like to cut the base off so they have a flat bottom and then into quarters so they stand up. These ones will be for the top of the cake. I cut the others into slices to go in the middle.

Once your cakes have cooled completely put one on to your serving platter/cake stand and drizzle the top of it with the ganache. Then lay the sliced strawberries on top.

Put the top layer of the cake on top of the sliced strawberries and pour more icing onto it. Let it sit for a couple of second so the icing sets a little. This will make it easier for the strawberries to stay in place rather than sliding off the cake.

Now arrange your standing up strawberries. I like to arrange them so they look like a little crown on top. So, create a circle of strawberry quarters around the top of the cake and then fill in the middle of the circle with more strawberry quarters. Or, get creative and make your own design.

You can drizzle with any reaming icing or top with desiccated coconut to give it that icing sugar look.

Pop in the fridge to firm the icing around the berries and you’re ready to go.

top of edited vegan cake


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