Salted Almond Chocolates

Oozy salted almond filled chocolates.

These chocolates are definitely a crowd pleaser, a great treat for those special occasions.

They have a seriously satisfying oozy filling with a hint of salt that makes them dangerously moreish and the chocolate has a great crack when you bite into it due to it being tempered.

It gets better too – they are vegan so pretty much everyone can enjoy them and super easy to make. Don’t be scared of tempering but if you are or don’t have the time, that’s ok. Just dip the filling in the melted chocolate and set and keep in the fridge as they won’t keep at room temperature un-tempered. I’ve played around with tempering before, I’m no expert but this seems to work for me.

I used coconut oil as my carrier for the filling as I was making these for a group where a couple of people were vegan. I actually think they would be great with butter or ghee for me personally as coconut oil often agrees with me less. I’d love to hear people give it a go with butter… or ghee but I suspect the filling will be a little harder with ghee.

If I was making them for just myself I would also definitely cut the rice malt down to at least half or not at all. My husband disagrees though and often reminds me that ‘normal people’ won’t like them if I do that.

I personally think the less sweetener the better in everything.

Feel free to play around to what suits you. I like dark chocolate and I’ve used 70% in this recipe but it would be great with even darker. 90% is generally my favourite. Soo yummy and not too sweet but I find that 70% is generally good for a group of people who are used to sweeter things.

close up almond chcolates

Anyway, here’s the recipe – enjoy!


Ingredients –

5 TBSP almond butter

2 TBSP coconut oil (I used refined so it didn’t have a coconut flavour but feel free to use regular)

1 TBSP rice malt syrup

Salt to taste – roughly ¼ tsp. Good quality natural sea salt or similar. I used pink Himalayan.

250gms 70% chocolate (you will have left over chocolate but it’s easier to dip with a bit of depth in the bowl.)


Method –

Melt the first three ingredients in a bowl over a pot of simmering water. Stir until combined, then add in the salt slowly –  keep tasting to make sure you have the salt just right. You want a little hint of salt but not too much that it’s overly noticeable. I can’t stress enough the importance of good quality natural salt. It makes all the difference to the taste and is much better for you.

If you choose to use butter, use unsalted so you can control the amount of salt.

Poor the melted mixture into silicon moulds or small cupcake foils – anything that will allow it to set and be removed.

Put in the freezer or fridge to set. This won’t take long. About 20 minutes in the fridge should do it. Once set remove from their setting vessel and keep in the fridge ready for dipping.

While your filling is setting, prepare the chocolate. We are going to use the seeding technique so sorry, there will be no impressive pouring of chocolate onto marble. I’ve never done that and this looks much neater too!

Chop up 200 grams of the chocolate and put in a bowl over a pot of simmering water (you’ve probably heard this before but don’t let any water or condensation etc. touch your chocolate. It will seize and ruin it). Don’t let your water touch the bowl or get too hot. We don’t want to melt the chocolate too quickly, nice and slowly does it. Chop finely the remainder of the chocolate and set aside. It’s good to have a little extra seeding chocolate too in case you need more. This measurement isn’t precise (none of my measurements ever really are) it’s just to bring it to temperature.

Since we are using dark chocolate you want to bring the melted chocolate to a temperature between 46-48 degrees Celsius. Use a thermometer and once it is all melted and reached this temperature take off the heat and set aside.

Now start throwing small handfuls of the chopped chocolate that we set aside into the liquid chocolate. Let it melt completely, stirring occasionally until you throw in the next handful. Keep doing this and stirring until the temperature of your chocolate comes down to 31 degrees Celsius. Take your time and don’t freak out. The worst that happens is it doesn’t temper and you can just keep them in the fridge.

If it reaches the desired temperature and you still have some un melted chocolate in the mix just fish it out with a dry fork.

You’ll notice the mixture get a little thicker as it comes to temper.

Now that you’ve done the chocolate, take your un-moulded fillings and dip one at a time into the chocolate. Roll it around with two dry forks until it is covered completely. Lift out of the chocolate with a fork and tap it on the side of the bowl gently so that excess chocolate drips off. Place on a baking sheet. Wait a second or two and if you like to you can use the back of a fork to make little ripples on the top of the chocolate and sprinkle a little more salt on top for decoration. This, of course, is totally optional.

Continue until completed.

You’ll know you’ve tempered correctly if they set at room temperature and they have a crack when you bite into it once set completely.

Poor your remaining chocolate when you are finished dipping into a container ready to use for something else.

inside of salted almond chocolate



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